About Page

DataDragonX was founded in Cork Ireland in September 2017

At DataDragonX our Mission is to help SME’s implement the GDPR through education and by giving them a platform where they can manage all their GDPR obligations.

We have created Secure Helping Hand, an online GDPR management tool, where you will map your company’s data inventory, manage your access requests and track data breaches.

We educate you through your journey by providing you with a deep dive into the specific requirements of the GDPR, and you have a dashboard available so that you can see what you have completed to date and what remains to be done.

A selection of Policies and Templates are provided for you to adapt to your companies needs, so you will be in a position to display them if you are called on for a Data Audit.

We strongly believe in promoting IT Security best practices and have included a section for this.

Check out Secure Helping Hand at shhsystems.com

Our founder Fionnuala Hendrick has nearly 20 years working in Software Quality Assurance. She has helped implement the Data Protection Act for various Companies and on various software products.